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Piero della Francesca

Piero della Francesca (c.1411-1492) is widely recognized as one of the great artists of the Italian Renaissance. He was born in Borgo Sansepolcro and lived and worked between Arezzo, Perugia, Rimini and Urbino. His works are often said to have a timeless quality and a captivating stillness. Piero’s landscapes reflect the countryside around Arezzo, between the valleys of the upper Tiber and the Arno. Here at Val di Pozzo you have an eagle’s eye view over that same landscape, with Umbria and the Appennines looking eastwards, the meandering course of the river Arno spread below you to the west, and the Valdichiana and the Monte Amiata to the south.

From Val di Pozzo you can follow what’s known as the “Piero Trail”… Head for Monterchi, about a 30 minute drive along pretty country roads, to see the Madonna del Parto and its museum. Then take the main road to Borgo San Sepolcro to see the Resurrection of Christ. Stop for lunch to sample the justly famous truffles and porcini mushrooms of the area, and then return by way of Arezzo where Piero della Francesca painted the famous fresco cycle of Legend of the True Cross, in the church of San Francesco. Arezzo’s historic city centre also boasts an artistic heritage which includes the Cimabue crucifix of San Domenico, the Renaissance townhouses of Petrarch and Vasari, the Museo Statale di Arte, and the Museo Archeologico. It is a delightful place to stroll around, with plenty of shops and traditional cafès, and once a month a lively antiques market in the heart of the city. Maps and advice are available at Val di Pozzo before you set out, and we can also arrange guided tours.

Detail of the Duchessa di Montefeltro

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