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Responsible travel

We’ve worked hard to make Val di Pozzo sustainable. The farmhouse and outbuildings have been restored according to eco-building principles, using natural materials such as stone, wood and terracotta tiles. Even the paint on the interior walls is made of chalk, egg-white and natural pigments.

Our heating system runs off solar energy, and we now use solar power to produce 100% of our electricity too! Holiday guests are invited to join us in avoiding water wastage, and specially-fitted taps help to do this. Full information on how and where to recycle your glass, plastic and paper is also provided.

All cultivation and land management at our farm is pesticide-free. We adopt wildlife-friendly policies in our management of hedgerows and meadows, and two thirds of the farmland is uncultivated mixed woodland, which provides a safe and natural habitat for deer, boar, hare, fox, marten and other small mammals, as well as extensive cover and nesting sites for a wide range of resident and migratory birds. Binoculars, illustrated guides of fauna and flora, and tips for wildlife-watching, are all provided for the use of guests. We also organize guided nature walks and hiking excursions.

We can arrange pick-up and drop-off for guests arriving by train or bus at the local village of Subbiano.


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